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Mira Laime
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• 6/15/2016

HTTP crack / Unseen Ports

First of all, I'm not looking for the answer to the level I'm just trying to figure out if I am missing something. I have gotten to CSEC Invitation, gotten passed the Firewall and Proxy but it's asking to unlock Ports that I do not see and asking me to unlock HTTP Port. Am I missing an exe. file? I only have SMTP, eosDeviceScan, FTPBounce, SSHCrack (might be missing one here) but nothing that would deactive a HTTP....Was I suppose to download a file somewhere? I'm a little lost. (I added this to /wiki/CSEC_Invitation as well) :/

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• 6/18/2016
Have you downloaded webserverworm.exe off of the Entropy Assets server?
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