Previous Mission Aggression must be Punished

Next mission CSEC Invitation or gg wp

Summary Edit

  • Access another proxy computer
  • Track down your attacker
  • Crash his computer


  • Reply to this email with the words f*** y** all lowercase before doing anything else besides restoring your x-server.sys after he deletes it, and you earn the "Rude" achievement. However, this prevents you from getting gg wp. You can't get this unless he succeeded in his hack.

Email Edit


You think you can just **** with my stuff and leave without consequence? Did you think I wouldn't notice?

Did you think I wouldn't FIND you!?

You're a pathetic script kiddie, you couldn't hack a ******* honeypot without your precious buttons and scrollbars.

Say goodbye to your x-server, idiot


Walkthrough Edit

  • Go into the logs on your home machine, and find the IP addresses recorded there.
  • Connect to that IP address (Proxy_Node-X22)
  • Crack SSH
  • Porthack
  • Scan for another IP
  • Delete logs
  • Connect to Naix Root Gateway
  • Overload the Proxy
  • Crack SSH, SMTP and FTP
  • Porthack
  • Download WebServerWorm.exe in the bin folder
  • Delete all files in the Home, Sys, and Log folder
  • ForkBomb
  • Reply to Entropy email (go to CSEC Invitation) or attempt gg wp from Naix