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Target Machine Jason's Powerbook Plus

IP Address

Previous Mission Welcome

Next Mission Aggression must be Punished

Summary Edit

  • Obtain an eos crack program
  • Hack a computer and find the eos device attached to it
  • Login to the phone and find the email account
  • Reply to the email with the password

Email Edit

Greetings Agent,

A new contract's come up that's required us to pick up some new tech - as you're online now it'd be convenient for us if you could accept this one and test it out for us as your next job.

The contract requires access to a target's phone - an eOS device. We've contacted a specialist in this field, and gained access to the tools we need for the job, but they're largely untested as is, so keep that in mind.


You'll be forwarded the information on the tools from our contact shortly. Check this email first.


Once you have access to the phone, you're looking to find the password to the owner's email account - one which we know he has synched to the device. Reply with that password, and we'll take care of the rest.

Good luck,

-Entropy Admins

Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Jason's Powerbook Plus to your netmap
  • Read the email Fwd:eOS Stuff and note the login information
  • Login to Entropy Asset Server
  • Download eosDeviceScanner.exe from the bin folder
  • Login to Jason's Powerbook Plus
  • Crack FTP and SSH
  • PortHack
  • Run eosDeviceScanner.exe
  • Delete logs
  • Connect to Jason's ePhone 4S
  • Login with UN: admin PW: alpine
  • Open eos/mail
  • cat
  • Note the password
  • Delete logs
  • Reply to email with the password
  • Complete any other contract on the Entropy Contract Server to unlock the next story mission

Console Commands Edit