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Target Machine Nortron Mainframe

IP Address

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Summary Edit

  • Break into Nortron Mainframe
  • Reply to Naix

Email Edit

Ahaha, nice,nice. A real work of art.

Ok, cool, this is more like it. How about a real challenge? Think you can tackle the Nortron Mainframe? For a security company, I honestly expected more of them, but they do have a pretty beefy firewall going on there.


Walkthrough Edit

  • Scan the Nortron web server
  • Connect to Nortron Internal Services Server
  • Analyze the firewall and solve it.
  • Crack SSH and FTP
  • Porthack
  • Scan to find two more IP addresses
  • Read REMINDER.txt in staff_folders/J.Abrams. Note the information
  • Delete logs
  • Connect to Nortron Mail Server
  • Login with the information you found in REMINDER.txt
  • Read the RE:Cant Log in email and note the information
  • Connect to Nortron Mainframe
  • Use the information in the Email to solve the firewall
  • Overload the proxy
  • Crack SSH, FTP, SMTP, and HTTP
  • PortHack
  • Delete logs and Disconnect
  • Reply to Naix

Console Commands Edit