Target Machine Entropy Asset Server
IP Address IP is random generated
Previous Mission Confirmation Mission
Next Mission RE: Welcome

Summary Edit

  • Login to Entropy Asset Server
  • Download FTPbounce.exe
  • Delete Logs
  • Reply the Email

Email Edit

Greetings (Your Username), Congratulations, Your timely execution of your first contract has proved your abilities, and I can now gladly welcome you to Entropy. As a small welcoming gift, you'll find the user details of the admin account to our asset server attached. Help yourself to any programs you might need, and view our mantra. Once you're geared up, reply to this address, and I will arrange a true test of your abilities. Again, congratulations. -Tex

Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Entropy Asset Server to your netmap
  • Login to Entropy Asset Server
  • CD to Bin
  • Download FTPbounce.exe
  • CD to Log
  • Delete all logs
  • dc
  • Reply the Email.

Console Commands Edit

  • Login (Username: admin Password: rosebud)
  • CD bin
  • scp FTPbounce.exe
  • CD ..
  • CD log
  • rm *
  • dc